Welcome to Toning for Peace!


The time has come for me to say adieu to Toning for Peace & Healing. I began this project many years ago, and now, my attentions and focus are called elsewhere. However, all blog posts will  be archived at DielleCiesco.com starting Dec, 31, 2015. In addition, the Toning for Peace & Healing Facebook Group remains. Peace out! OM!

Vocal Toning is a Way.  Using our voices to express what is inside, beyond words, beyond stories, is a simple practice that helps us come into stillness.  Like meditation, tai chi,  yoga, or any practice that takes a certain amount of effort and self-discipline, toning can help us feel more centered, more awake, more joyful, and more at peace.

Singing has a long list of health benefits. Toning is a form of singing anyone can do. When we tone with a group, something emerges from our coordinated breathing. We give what Hazrat Inayat Khan terms “vitalized breath” our full attention. We plant seeds in the heart of our being and water them with the vibrations of our creative voice.  We express our Divinity.

Toning for Peace & Healing was founded by director Dielle Ciesco in 2009 at a beautiful geodesic dome with amazing acoustics in Black Mountain, North Carolina called the Light Center . Now, the Toning for Peace website serves as a resource for those world-wide interested in the art of toning. Together we explore our voices as means of expression and Divine communion.

The Beautiful Light Center

Zoning after Toning

Toning is a safe means to release what no longer serves us, expanding one’s presence, simultaneously individuating the human while unifying all of humanity.  Vocal toning is a means of inoculating ourselves against negative influences, whether internal or external, that pull us out of alignment with our truth. We cultivate the peace within so that we may influence peace on the planet.

One response to “Welcome to Toning for Peace!

  1. I look forward to experiencing Toning for Peace.

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